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Investment scams

The website Ipic-miners.cloud is believed to be conducting deceptive investment operations. They make grandiose promises of high returns on your investment, but once you transfer your funds, they vanish along with your money. The phone numbers listed on their site don’t seem to work anymore. The address of their supposed business premises mentioned on the site can’t be confirmed. They claim to operate under a business name that’s not officially registered in the state they purportedly operate from. The imagery on their site is false and misleading. Furthermore, the site has several incomplete pages, filled with generic content and filler text.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where the scammer promises high returns to the investor for their money. But after receiving the funds, the scammer disappears, leaving the investor with significant losses. These scams often involve fake companies, websites, and non-existent investment opportunities.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake business name
Fake images
Phone disconnected
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
No SSL certificate
No terms & conditions
Investment scams are schemes that fraudsters use to deceive people into investing money with false promises. Typically, these scams offer high returns with no risk. It's a common characteristic. They create a sense of urgency as a tactic to rush people into making hasty decisions. These fraudsters often present themselves as experienced investors or financial advisors. They use sophisticated terminologies to sound legitimate. They might even show you impressive ‘proof’ of past success to win your trust. Many times, these scams are based on non-existent or worthless investments that include overseas properties, rare commodities, or cutting-edge technologies. They prefer unregulated or less-regulated investment products because there's less scrutiny from authorities and it's easier to hide their deceitful practices. In essence, if they promise no risk, high return, and rush you to invest, it’s likely an investment scam.


Customers have flagged Stofdupont.com as a fraudulent online shop. The website, barely two months old at the time of discovery, lacks a contact number for customer service. It bears a striking resemblance to similar websites, suggesting that its content may have been copied. The images of products featured on the site do not truthfully represent […]


Customers have raised concerns about 365cycles.shop, alleging that it’s a fraudulent online store. The goods on offer are said to be replicas, and their safety is questionable due to the substandard materials used in their creation. The content on the website doesn’t appear to be unique, raising further doubts about its legitimacy. Furthermore, the company […]


Newmontspltd.com stands accused of operating an investment scam. This website, only 33 days old at the time of reporting, lacks a customer service contact number. Moreover, the business address listed cannot be confirmed. Despite claiming to operate within a specific state, the company lacks official registration. Numerous unfinished pages on the website still contain default […]


Consumers have raised the alarm about Digital-funds.org, citing that it’s operating an investment scam. The website entices visitors with the promise of high returns on investments, creating an illusion of profitability. However, once you commit your money, the fraudsters disappear, leaving you empty-handed. Unfinished pages littered with default content and placeholder text hint at the […]


It appears that Barproductsus.shop is attempting to deceive consumers by posing as a legitimate online store. Recently launched, the website’s domain is barely 25 days old at the time of our investigation. Unfortunately, they fail to provide a customer service phone number for queries or complaints. The authenticity of the content on their site seems […]

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