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Fake stores

Holtslapidary.shop has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. The items displayed on this digital platform are not genuine and could potentially pose safety risks due to the inferior materials used in their production. A glaring omission on the site is the absence of a customer service phone number. The images displayed on the site do not truly represent the products being sold. The fraudulent activity was discovered when the website was barely three months old. The website’s content has been found to be plagiarized, with noticeable similarities to other similar websites. Unfinished pages on the website are filled with default content and placeholder text.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website pretends to be a legitimate online store. They display products for sale, but these items are often counterfeit or don’t exist at all. The goal is to trick customers into providing their payment information, which the scammers then use for their own gain.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business name
No phone numbers
No privacy policy
No refund policy
A fake store scam involves fraudsters creating a fake online store. It's designed to look like a genuine retailer. These stores often promise high-demand goods at ridiculously low prices. They use sophisticated techniques to lure unsuspecting customers. Their tactics can range from sending unsolicited emails advertising their products, to creating fake reviews praising their service and merchandise. Once a purchase is made, the buyer never receives their order. The scammers then disappear, leaving no trace behind. The customer support number and email leads nowhere, making it impossible to seek a refund or any form of recompense. Unfortunately, these scams can be very convincing, with professional-looking websites and believable customer testimonials. So it's important to do some research, such as checking if the company is registered before making a purchase.


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Our investigation has revealed that the website Worldalphacryptominingfx.online is running a fraudulent investment scheme. It promises substantial returns on your investments; however, once you invest, the fraudsters abscond with your money. Numerous unfinished pages on their website are riddled with default content and placeholder text. A notable absence of the company from all social media […]

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