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Fake stores

Goomall.shop raises eyebrows with suspicions of a counterfeit store scheme. The website, only registered recently, is merely 25 days old as per the report. A customer service phone contact is conspicuously absent from the site. Evidence suggests a base of operations located in China. The products displayed on the platform are misleading, posing risks due to the inferior materials used in their construction. Images on the site are not genuine. The company lacks a presence on social media platforms. No reviews for the company exist on well-known consumer review platforms.

Fake store scams usually involve a fraudulent website that appears to be selling products, but in reality, the products are either counterfeit or don’t exist. The aim is to deceive customers into paying for goods they will never receive or receiving products of substandard quality.

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Red Flags

Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where scammers set up fake online stores claiming to sell products at significantly reduced prices. They may use stolen images and descriptions from legitimate businesses to convince buyers they're real. After customers make a payment, the scammers either send nothing, counterfeit goods, or items of lesser value. They often disappear, leaving the buyer with no recourse to get their money back. Always research before buying online.


Salfordlimited.com operates an unscrupulous investment scheme. This company creates an illusion of profitable returns from your investments. However, after you invest, the fraudsters abscond with your money. The company’s social media accounts lack followers. Many pages on the site are underdeveloped, filled with unchanged content and placeholder notes. The partnerships showcased on the company’s website […]


Illiino.com is under scrutiny for operating a sham online store. The content on this website seems unoriginal, mimicking materials from other similar websites. The products offered on this platform are counterfeit and might pose risks due to the poor quality of the materials used in their manufacture. The pictures featured on this site are not […]


Winterusattire.com, an online marketplace, is operating a deceptive scheme, presenting itself as a legitimate store. The content on the website lacks originality, indicating that it’s not a genuine marketplace. The products offered on the site are not authentic and could potentially be hazardous due to substandard materials used in their manufacture. As of the time […]


People have raised concerns about Mode-boots.com, pointing out that it might be a fraudulent online store. When these suspicions were first raised, the website had only been in operation for 57 days. Alarmingly, there is no customer service phone number listed on the site, which is a common red flag for scams. It’s also worth […]


Testerbuzz.com is making false claims about offering Amazon product testing jobs. Upon clicking on the advertisement, visitors are redirected to a series of affiliated pages where they are prompted to provide personal information and accept terms and conditions that allow third-party companies to send affiliate offers via email and mobile phone numbers. The website then […]

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