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Investment scams

Golden-bridgesltd.org has been identified as conducting fraudulent investment activities. They promise substantial returns on your investment, however, once you transfer the funds, these actors vanish. Unfortunately, there is no customer support phone number available on the website. Further, the illustrations they present don’t truly represent the product they’re supposedly selling. It’s worth noting that the business address listed on the site appears to be fabricated. The site is also filled with pages that are still under construction, containing generic text and placeholder words. Despite the prevalence of businesses on social media today, this company has no discernible presence there.

An investment scam is a scheme where individuals are enticed to part with their money, with the lure of receiving significantly high returns on their investment. However, once the funds are transferred, the fraudsters usually vanish, leaving the investor with nothing. It’s a deceptive practice that targets unsuspecting individuals, promising them financial gain, but instead leading to financial loss.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No social media
An investment scam is a deceptive practice. They are designed to lure unsuspecting individuals into handing over their hard-earned money by promising high rates of return. The scammer usually claims they have a special skill or insight to predict market trends. They often use aggressive sales tactics. They pressurize individuals to act quickly to secure an investment opportunity. Scammers may also present fake documents to support their claims. Sometimes they build trust through a web of lies, making it appear as if the investment is legitimate. Commonly, these scams involve investments in shares, property, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. The scammer takes the money, but the high returns never materialize. The victim typically loses all the money they invested.


On February 23, 2023, Netpayfast.com was reported in the deceptive website category promoting a work-from-home opportunity. The website is newly registered, with a registration date of January 10, 2023. Netpayfast.com falls under the category of websites that imitate news articles to avoid appearing as advertisements. In this instance, the website promotes a work-from-home business opportunity […]


Litetradehub.com is currently operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise significant returns on your investment, but once you’ve invested, the fraudsters abscond with your funds. The pictures they use on their site are not authentic. At the point of this investigation, the site had been active for 98 days. The content on the site is […]


Lampsusa.shop operates a fraudulent online store. The items they advertise and sell are counterfeit, potentially posing a risk due to the inferior quality materials used in their production. The pictures displayed on the site do not accurately depict the actual products. We’ve noticed several pages on the site that are still under construction, cluttered with […]


Shopstussy.shop has earned a reputation as a fraudulent storefront. The website, merely a month old, lacks a service number for customer queries. Observers raise eyebrows at the website’s content, suspecting it’s merely a copy of other sites. The products displayed aren’t accurately reflected by their images. Unfinished pages, filled with placeholder text, litter the site. […]


We’ve discovered that Maxenergycapital.ltd is in fact a fraudulent investment scheme. This entity lures unsuspecting individuals with the allure of substantial returns on their investments. Tragically, once the investment is made, the fraudsters disappear, leaving the investors penniless. It’s worth noting that the website lacks a customer support contact number. There are numerous incomplete pages […]

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