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Investment scams

Globalsmartcore.com, a recently established website, has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. The site promises substantial returns on your initial investment, but once you deposit your funds, the fraudsters disappear with your money. The website was only 96 days old at the time of this discovery. Unfortunately, there is no customer service phone number provided on the website. The address listed for the company on the site is also fake. Furthermore, there are no reviews for the company on any of the major consumer review platforms, raising further suspicion about its legitimacy.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where individuals are tricked into parting with their money, with the promise of high returns. The scammer usually disappears once they have collected enough money, leaving the investors with significant losses.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake images
Fake promises
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No privacy policy
No reviews
No social media
Investment scams are deceptive practices. They lure unsuspecting individuals into investing money with the promise of high returns. Quite often, scammers will present compelling stories about new technologies or groundbreaking business opportunities. They may also use persuasive sales tactics, high-pressure strategies, or even fake testimonials to convince you of their legitimacy. The scam takes shape when the returns promised do not materialize. They either give you lower returns than promised, or your money disappears completely. Most times you're left with no way to recover your money; as the scammers become incommunicado or have moved onto their next victim. These scams are prevalent and sophisticated. They exploit the desire for financial security and prey on the lack of knowledge in investment. So, it's essential to make informed decisions; and avoid falling victim to such scams.


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Weighuppage.com is operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise significant growth for your investment, but once you invest, the scammers abscond with your money. The website was recently registered and is only 41 days old. There is no customer service phone contact provided on the site. The photos displayed on the website are counterfeit. The […]


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