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Investment scams

Globallinksf.live has been flagged as a fraudulent investment scheme. Promises of substantial returns are made to lure investors, but once the investment is made, the fraudsters disappear with your money. The website, at the time of the report, had been active for 98 days. The contact numbers provided on the site are not in service. The physical address of the business, as listed on the site, is unverifiable. There is a complete absence of the company on all social media platforms. Similarly, the company has no visibility on any major consumer review platforms. The site itself is riddled with incomplete pages filled with unedited content and placeholder notes.

An investment scam is a deceptive practice where fraudsters trick individuals into placing money into fraudulent investments. The scammers often promise high returns and then disappear with the investors’ money once the investment is made.

Red Flags

Fake address
Phone disconnected
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No privacy policy
No reviews
No social media
No SSL certificate
Investment scams prey on the desire for quick financial gain. They often involve offers to participate in non-existent or fraudulent business ventures. Promises of high returns with little risk are common. Scammers seek to persuade through aggressive sales pitches or false testimonials from people claiming to have profited. These scams often use complex language and documentation to appear legitimate. They may even claim to be regulated or licensed, using forged credentials. The aim is to fool potential investors into believing their money will be safe and grow quickly. Once hooked, victims are encouraged to recruit friends or family. This tactic, known as a 'Ponzi scheme', relies on funds from new investors to pay returns to earlier ones. Once recruitment slows down, the scheme collapses, and most investors lose their money. Despite their sophistication, these scams can be spotted with due diligence. They often involve high pressure tactics, secrecy, and offers that seem too good to be true.


Golfofshop.com, a website only 91 days old, has been exposed as a fraudulent online store. No reviews for the company are to be found on well-known consumer review websites, raising suspicion. The products offered on the website are counterfeit, potentially hazardous due to the subpar materials used in their creation. Research indicates that the website’s […]


Cyberwellat.com operates a deceptive crypto exchange scheme. The website, merely 24 days old at the time of investigation, lacks visible customer service contact. It tempts potential investors with promises of high returns, only to vanish with their hard-earned money once the investment is made. Despite claims of operating from a certain state, no registration for […]


The website Supatradecompany.com has been identified as a fraudulent investment scheme. The site promises high returns on investments. However, after you transfer your money, the fraudsters abscond with it. Reviews about the company are conspicuously absent. There’s no one following the company’s social media accounts. The address provided on the site is not genuine. The […]


Digitaldexltd.info operates a deceptive investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investment. However, after you put your money in, they vanish into thin air with your funds. Comprehensive searches of popular consumer review platforms yield no reviews for this company. Their presence in the social media sphere remains a mystery. Our investigations reveal several […]


Our investigations have revealed that Optalfrescooff.com is not a legitimate online store. The website, which has been operational for 93 days at the time of our inquiry, seems to be running a fraudulent scheme. Our findings point towards a China-based operation. The content on the website does not seem original, as it closely mirrors that […]

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