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Fake stores

Fishinggoodluck.com operates a misleading setup, posing as a legitimate store. Despite being relatively new, with its inception dating back only 91 days from the time it was flagged, it’s already causing alarming concerns. The website features reviews that have been proven to be fabricated, as they originate from customers who simply don’t exist. The products they advertise and sell are far from genuine, and the subpar quality of the materials used in their production may pose a risk to consumers. Moreover, the images showcased on the site aren’t an accurate reflection of the actual products being sold. Several indicators point towards the probability of this website being managed from China.

A fake store scam involves a website posing as a legitimate online store, selling counterfeit or non-existent products. They often use fake reviews to present an illusion of credibility and customer satisfaction, fooling unsuspecting consumers into making purchases.

Red Flags

Fake images
Fake reviews
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No social media
A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme. The scammer sets up a fake online shop. It looks genuine and offers goods at attractive prices. These can be electronics, designer clothes, toys, or other high-demand items. Scammers use various deceitful tactics. They may clone a reputable website or create a completely new one. They use professional-looking images and descriptions. They promise quick delivery and secure payments. The scammer's main goal is to trick people into giving their credit card details. They might also aim to collect personal information for identity theft. Once the transaction is made, the scammer disappears. The purchased items never arrive. Sometimes, these fake stores are advertised on social media or sent via email. They look like great deals, but in reality, they're traps set by scammers.


We’ve found that Bdsupply.shop is running a deceptive operation, posing as a legitimate online store. The content on this website seems to be copied from similar sites, lacking any originality. The products offered on this platform are fake, and there’s a potential risk due to the poor-quality materials used in their creation. The website’s registration […]


Global-investltd.com is currently operating what appears to be a deceptive investment scheme. The website is filled with underdeveloped content, including placeholder text and default pages that are spread across the platform. Absence of a prominent social media presence further raises suspicions about the company’s legitimacy. Additionally, the partnerships they claim to have are completely fabricated, […]


Cloudbeth-trade.com, a website that’s been active for 80 days, is involved in a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme. The website purports to operate under a business name that is not registered in the state it claims to be based in. Furthermore, the business address listed on the website is a fabrication. The website promises substantial returns on […]


Our investigation reveals that Hamptonshome.shop is not a legitimate business. This company lacks a presence on social media platforms. The material found on their website is not original, but copied from other sources. The items they offer are not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the inferior materials used in their manufacture. The […]


Feitelectrice.com, a relatively new online platform, is involved in a deceptive scheme. The website, only 91 days old, has been found to be operating a fake store scam. It trades in counterfeit goods, which may pose risks due to the inferior quality of the components used to make them. The website’s administration appears to be […]

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