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Crypto scams

Exchangebitrise.com, a young website of just 78 days, is currently involved in a cryptocurrency scam. The customer service numbers listed on their site are not responding, raising some red flags. They lure people in with the promise of significant returns on their investments. However, once the investment is made, these swindler’s disappear, taking the money with them. Surprisingly, the company’s social media accounts have no followers. Furthermore, only self-referential reviews can be found for the website, with no external reviews or testimonials available. Curiously, the company claims to operate in a certain state but there’s no registration to be found there.

A crypto exchange scam involves a deceptive practice in the digital currency world. It typically starts with a website or platform promising high returns on your investment. Once you deposit your money, the scammers disappear, leaving you with nothing. These scams often go unnoticed due to lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency industry and the anonymity it provides, making it difficult to track down the culprits.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Phone disconnected
Recently registered

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
Crypto exchange scams are a dark side of the digital currency world. Fraudsters create fake exchanges to deceive crypto enthusiasts. These platforms often have a professional look, making them indistinguishable from genuine ones. Common promises made by these fraudsters include high returns, low fees, and attractive bonuses on initial deposits. They also use tactics like limited time offers to create a sense of urgency. They may list coins that are not on genuine exchanges, promising huge profits from these "exclusive" offerings. Users deposit their coins, believing they will make a profit. The scammers then either disappear with the funds or manipulate the platform to show false profits, encouraging further investments. Once a significant amount has been deposited, the scammers close the exchange and disappear with the funds. So it is crucial to verify the credibility of a crypto exchange before investing, Unfortunately, many have lost their hard-earned money to such scams.


Pazecaphub.com, a website just over three months old, is under scrutiny for running a crypto exchange scam. The site promises significant returns, yet reports indicate that the scammers disappear with the deposits. Despite their claims of operation, there is no evidence of the company’s registration in the stated state. Also, their presence is notably absent […]


Customers have voiced concerns about Shoratic.com, alleging it’s a fraudulent online store. The website was only registered recently, with the domain name just 92 days old at the time of these complaints. Interestingly, the contact numbers provided on the site seem to be disconnected. Moreover, the company’s listed address appears to be false. The products […]


Consumers have flagged Babaksorientalcarpet.shop for operating a fraudulent online store. When the report was made, the website was already in existence. The website’s content is not original, but copied from other sources. The variety of items available on the site may seem appealing, but they pose a risk due to the substandard raw materials used […]


Our analysis reveals that Rebitasset.net is not a trustworthy investment platform. They lure investors with promises of high returns, but once the investment is made, the fraudsters disappear with the money. Moreover, reviews about the company are conspicuously absent. The website also lacks any visibility on social media platforms. To further raise suspicion, the website […]


Customers have raised concerns about Living-everyday.com, accusing it of running a fraudulent online store. The website appears to be in a constant state of construction, filled with generic text and placeholder content. The company’s social media footprint is practically invisible, which raises eyebrows. There is also a noticeable absence on major consumer review sites, which […]

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