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Fake stores

Establishapparel.com, an online shopping platform, was found to be operating a counterfeit store scam. This was discovered when the website was barely 52 days into its operation. Unfortunately, the reviews seen on the site are not genuine. The items for sale on this platform are merely knock-offs and could potentially be hazardous due to the low-quality materials used in their production. Further investigation suggests that the operations are based in China. Some pages on the website are still under construction, filled with preset text and placeholder content, which raises more suspicions.

A fake store scam is a type of online fraud where a website poses as a legitimate online store. However, instead of delivering the products that customers order and pay for, they deliver counterfeit items or, in some cases, nothing at all. This type of scam takes advantage of online shoppers’ trust and desire for a good deal, often leaving them out of pocket and without the products they thought they were purchasing.

Red Flags

Fake reviews
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No social media
A fake store scam is a deceptive practice. It involves scammers setting up a realistic-looking online store. They display attractive products at tempting prices. These scammers claim to offer deals that seem too good to be true. The catch is, these products don't exist. When consumers purchase items, they either receive nothing or get a cheap counterfeit. These fake stores often mimic well-known brands to appear legitimate. Scammers use various tactics to deceive people. They employ persuasive language and compelling visuals. They also misuse trust logos and provide fake reviews. They use these strategies to create an authentic-looking storefront. Most of these scams are conducted over email or social media platforms. Here, scammers entice victims with unbelievable discounts or offers. People click on the link, make a purchase, and then wait for a product that never arrives.


Shoprachellem.shop has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. It’s a newly established website, only about a month old. Unfortunately, they have not provided a customer service phone number for any inquiries or complaints. The content of this website raises questions about its authenticity, as it seems to be a carbon copy of other similar […]


On March 10, 2023, Skynetsj.com was reported as a fake online clothing store. This website is a typical example of a fraudulent online store operated from China. Unfortunately, consumers should be aware that these types of websites are often used to scam unsuspecting customers. Skynetsj.com does not provide a phone number for customer support, and […]


Amethysthome.shop is operating a deceptive scheme, presenting itself as a legitimate store. The content on this website lacks originality, and the graphics used do not accurately represent the products being sold. The goods offered on this site are mere replicas, and their inferior quality materials may pose safety risks. The website does not provide a […]


Reports indicate that Foxmergetrade.com is not a trustworthy investment platform. They lure investors with promises of quick financial growth, but once the money is invested, the perpetrators abscond with the funds. The website lacks credible reviews outside of their own self-promotion. Additionally, their social media footprint is practically invisible. A cursory glance at the website […]


Our analysis has shown that Mega-tradingenterprise.com is not a legitimate investment platform. Despite promising substantial returns, once you invest, the individuals behind the scheme disappear with your money. The website is riddled with incomplete pages, default content, and placeholder text, which raises alarm bells. Additionally, the company does not have a presence on well-known consumer […]

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