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Crypto scams

Empiretradefinance.com operates a crypto exchange scam. The website, only 96 days old at the time of reporting, entices investors with the prospect of high returns on their initial investment. However, once the money is deposited, the scammers disappear with it. The website doesn’t provide a customer service phone number. It also doesn’t list an official business name. It’s operated and owned by an organization or individuals based overseas.

A crypto exchange scam involves a fraudulent website, like Empiretradefinance.com, that tricks investors into depositing money with the promise of high returns. The scammers then disappear with the deposited funds, leaving the investors with nothing.

Red Flags

Foreign company
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business name
No phone numbers
No reviews
A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme used by scammers to scam unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money. These scams often imitate legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges. They create websites or apps designed to trick victims into thinking they are using a genuine platform. Scammers often promise high returns on investment. They lure victims with claims of fast and effortless profits. Their tactics include creating artificial market movements and manipulating cryptocurrency prices. In reality, the scammer controls the entire system. The victim's investment never actually enters the market. Instead, their money goes straight into the scammer's pocket. After the victim makes a deposit, they might see positive returns initially. However, these returns are simply part of the scam. They aim to convince the victim that the platform is legitimate and encourage them to invest more. Eventually, the scammer disappears with all the invested funds, leaving the victim with significant financial loss.


Thefiptrades.com is a website that has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. It promises high returns on investments, but once you deposit your money, it disappears into the hands of the fraudsters. As of the time this information was gathered, the website had been active for 98 days. The location listed as the business […]


The digital platform, Bnlgwrd.digital, has come under scrutiny for being a swindle in the investment sector. The site promises substantial returns on any funds you pour into it, but the reality is a sad tale of your money disappearing into the pockets of fraudsters. A close inspection of the website’s content reveals a complete lack […]


Consumers have flagged Hogarfiducia.com for running a counterfeit online store. At the point of this report, the website had only been operational for a mere 91 days. The products featured on this platform are not genuine, and their substandard components can pose potential risks. Evidence suggests that the website’s operations are rooted in China. The […]


Customers have raised concerns about Hoca.shop, claiming it’s operating a sham online shopping site. These allegations surfaced when the website was still in its infancy, barely a month old. The lack of a customer service contact number raises further suspicions. Evidence of content plagiarism from other websites is also noticeable, raising questions about the website’s […]


Bitronika.com is actively engaging in fraudulent activities. The company falsely promises significant growth on your investments. However, after an individual invests, the deceitful individuals behind the website abscond with the funds. The website, noticeably, lacks any social media following, pointing to its lack of legitimacy. Additionally, many underdeveloped pages are present on the website, filled […]

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