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Investment scams

Customers have raised concerns about Egomining.com, accusing it of running an investment fraud. The website lures potential investors with the promise of significant returns on initial investments. However, once the money is deposited, the so-called investors disappear, taking the money with them. The contact numbers provided on the website are not functional and the business address given is a sham. The photographs displayed on the website are not genuine, and the associations that the company claims to have are non-existent. There are numerous pages on the website that are under construction, filled with placeholders and dummy content.

Investment scams are fraudulent schemes in which people are enticed to part with their money with the promise of a profitable return. They often involve a person or company posing as a legitimate investment firm or financial advisor. The perpetrators typically disappear after collecting funds, leaving the investor with a significant financial loss.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Phone disconnected
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
No SSL certificate
No terms & conditions
An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme that makes unsuspecting individuals part with their money. The scammer promises high returns and low risk, luring people into investing their hard-earned money. Typically, these scams are slick and professional. They often come in the form of cold calls, social media messages or email. The scammer might claim to have insider information, or they'll paint a picture of a unique opportunity that requires immediate action. Often, the scammer will ask for an initial investment which they claim will be used to generate large returns. Once the money is handed over, the scammer disappears, and no returns are ever seen. In some cases, scammers might pay out small returns initially. This gives the impression that the investment is legitimate, encouraging more investment and attracting new victims. This tactic is known as a Ponzi scheme. Remember, if an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it likely is.


Liahjasm.com, a website suspected to be based in China, has been identified as a potential fraudulent store. This report comes 92 days after the website’s inception. A variety of counterfeit products, possibly hazardous because of inferior production materials, are offered for sale on the website. The site’s content lacks originality, appearing to be a duplicate […]


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On March 10, 2023, Skynetsj.com was reported as a fake online clothing store. This website is a typical example of a fraudulent online store operated from China. Unfortunately, consumers should be aware that these types of websites are often used to scam unsuspecting customers. Skynetsj.com does not provide a phone number for customer support, and […]


Profitguarantee.top, flagged as a crypto scam, assures huge earnings through investment. The moment you invest, your money vanishes, pocketed by the scammers. Crucial consumer review platforms show no trace of the company. Similarly, a search on social media turns up empty. Many incomplete pages fill the website, populated with generic content and placeholder text. The […]


Smcprfts.com has been found to be operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise high returns on your investments, but once you hand over your money, they vanish without a trace. The website was relatively new at the time it was discovered, having been active for only 97 days. Notably, there is no customer service phone […]

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