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Investment scams

Reports suggest that Dmuvix.com is a fraudulent investment platform. The company promises substantial returns on investments, but once the investment is made, the scammers disappear with your money. The customer service numbers provided on their website are non-functional. The scam came to light when the website was just 99 days into operation. The content on the website appears to be copied from other similar sites, raising further suspicion. The images displayed on the site are not genuine, and the partnerships they claim to have are also false.

An investment scam is a scheme that promises high returns on investments with little to no risk. The scammers usually disappear with the investors’ money once they have invested. These scams often involve fake customer service numbers, plagiarized content, and false claims about partnerships.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Phone disconnected
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No reviews
No social media
An investment scam occurs when a fraudster presents a false investment opportunity. Often, they promise high returns with little to no risk. This promise is unrealistic; every investment carries some level of risk. The fraudster may claim their opportunity is exclusive, available only to a select group. This is a technique to make the victim feel special to build trust. Typically, the scammer will be quite persuasive. They will use complex jargon, impressive titles, and fake credentials. They may also present forged documents showing the success of previous investors. These tactics are all designed to convince the victim that they're making a smart, secure investment. In reality, the money paid by the victim is not invested at all. Instead, it's taken by the scammer. The scam is often exposed when the scammer can't maintain the promised payments or disappears completely.


Many people have reported 2lar.online for perpetrating a fraudulent investment scheme. This company makes grand promises of quick financial growth, but the reality is that they immediately seize your invested money and disappear. Searches for customer reviews on widely-used review platforms yield no results. Likewise, the company is nowhere to be found on social media […]


Bitminerhub.org has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. They lure potential investors with promises of significant returns, only to disappear with their funds once they’ve invested. The website is riddled with unfinished pages, filled with generic content and placeholder text, a clear sign of its dubious nature. Interestingly, the scam was unearthed when the […]


Haventrdemkt.com is operating a fraudulent investment scheme. The site promises lucrative returns on your investment, but once you’ve invested, the fraudsters abscond with your money. The pictures displayed on the site do not accurately depict the product they’re selling. The partnerships showcased on the company’s site are fictitious. The scam came to light when the […]


Stekes.com has come under scrutiny for allegedly being a fraudulent online store. The company is notably absent from well-known customer review sites. Additionally, it is missing from social media platforms, raising more suspicions. A quick glance at their website reveals multiple incomplete pages, filled with generic content and placeholder text. The images displayed on the […]


Metapulse-securities.com was found to be conducting an investment scam. They lure people in by making grand promises of quick financial growth, only to disappear as soon as they receive the investment funds. A thorough search for reviews about the company turned up empty on all major consumer review platforms. Furthermore, the company’s social media footprint […]

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