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Investment scams

Cryptodistributor.online has been identified as a scam. The platform promises to yield high returns on your investments, yet it’s nothing more than an elaborate scheme to swindle your funds. Once you transfer your money, it’s stolen by tricksters who then vanish without a trace. Notably, the site lacks a customer service contact number, making it even more suspicious. Many sections of the website are still in the development stage, populated with generic content and placeholder text. The firm’s purported affiliations, as stated on its website, are nothing but fabricated claims. Moreover, the images showcased on the site are not authentic.

Investment scams are fraudulent schemes where individuals are tricked into handing over their money with the promise of high returns. These scams often involve a person or organization that seems legitimate, but in reality, they intend to steal the investor’s money and disappear.

Red Flags

Fake images
Fake partnerships
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
An investment scam is a deceptive practice. It lures investors into making profit-promising decisions that only benefit the fraudster. These scams take many forms. They range from Ponzi schemes to advance-fee fraud and pump and dump schemes. Perpetrators of these scams often promise high returns with little risk. They use persuasive language and create a sense of urgency. Often, you'll hear phrases like "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" or "guaranteed returns." Scammers use tactics to gain trust. They may present themselves as knowledgeable professionals. Often, they will provide fake testimonials or manipulate numbers to show a successful track record. Fake investment opportunities can appear legitimate. They might be presented on professional-looking websites, detailed prospectuses or even in person. These scams aren't always easy to spot. The allure of quick, high returns can be very tempting. But remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Abeautifulmesshome.shop is operating a deceptive scheme, presenting itself as a legitimate store when it’s not. The products it offers are not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the substandard materials used in their creation. The content on the site doesn’t appear to be authentic, as it doesn’t seem to be duplicated from other […]


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Wavegrant.com has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. They promise high returns on your investment, but once you transfer your money to them, they vanish without a trace. There is no customer service number available for you to reach out to them. The partnerships they advertise online are nothing but a sham. A thorough […]


Monaktrade.org has been flagged as a fraudulent investment scheme. It lures investors with promises of significant returns on their investments. However, once the investment is made, the fraudsters pocket the money and vanish without a trace. Several pages on the site remain under construction, populated with placeholder content and nonsensical text. Despite its online presence, […]

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