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Crypto scams

Cashmonaco.com, currently 124 days old, is functioning as a deceptive cryptocurrency scheme. The website falsely advertises significant profit percentages for initial investments, but in reality, it’s a trap set by fraudsters who vanish with the deposited funds. There’s no customer service number provided on the site. Several pages on the website are still under construction, containing pre-determined text and placeholder content. Additionally, the business address displayed on the website doesn’t exist.

A crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme that involves tricking people into investing their money in cryptocurrencies with the promise of high returns. However, the scammers simply take the money and disappear, leaving the investors with significant losses.

Red Flags

Fake address
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
Crypto scams are a growing problem. They take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Scammers lure unsuspecting victims with promises of high returns. They often use social media platforms for their operations. A common tactic is the "pump and dump" scheme. The scammer buys a lot of a low-value cryptocurrency. Then they convince others to invest in it, promising high returns. As the price rises due to increased demand, the scammer sells their holdings. Another method is the "initial coin offering" scam. Scammers promise a new cryptocurrency at a low price. They ask for payment in established cryptocurrencies. Once they receive the money, they disappear. A common promise made by scammers is a guaranteed return. In reality, investments are never guaranteed. The use of complex jargon can also be a warning sign. It's used to confuse potential victims and make the scam seem legitimate.


Lifestylemenswear.com has been identified as a fraudulent online store. The items displayed on the site are untruthfully represented in their pictures. Detected when the website was just 59 days old, it was found not to have a customer service phone line. The content on the website is far from unique. The products it lists are […]


Blessingincomesyariah.pro stands accused of orchestrating a cryptocurrency exchange fraud. Discovered merely 28 days following its creation, the website lacks a vital customer service contact number. They lure investors with promises of significant returns, yet once you invest, the swindlers vanish with your funds. The site also features fabricated testimonials from fictional people. Overseas entities or […]


Vaultrecoveries.net, a newly established website, is implicated in a cryptocurrency scam. Only 81 days old at the time of reporting, the site lacks a customer support phone number, which raises suspicion. Misleading information is a common characteristic of the site, including a non-existent business address. Furthermore, it purports to operate under a business name that […]


Morescoinvestmentsbv.com has been identified as a deceptive investment scheme. This company entices individuals with promises of significant returns on their investments. However, once the investment is made, the money disappears, and the fraudsters behind the scheme are nowhere to be found. The firm is noticeably absent from widely used consumer review platforms, indicating a lack […]


Investors have raised concerns about Financetriangle.net, suspecting it to be a fraudulent investment scheme. The website promises outstanding growth rates on initial investments. However, after depositing their money, investors find that the perpetrators abscond with it. A glaring issue is the absence of a customer service contact number on the website. Additionally, the address provided […]

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