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Investment scams

Capitafinex-energy.com, a recently established website, has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. The domain name was merely 80 days old at the time of this discovery. The operators of this website lure unsuspecting investors with the promise of high returns on investments. However, once the investment is made, the culprits disappear with the funds. The business falsely claims to be legally established in a certain state. Moreover, the address provided for the company on the website is not genuine.

An investment scam is a deceptive practice where fraudsters trick individuals into investing money with the promise of high returns. These scammers typically disappear after receiving the funds, leaving the investor with significant financial loss.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake business name
Recently registered

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An investment scam is a deceptive practice. It lures individuals in with the promise of high returns and minimal risk. Scammers often use persuasive language, pushing a sense of urgency. They make it seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Frauds use various tactics to seem legitimate. They might present complex documents filled with financial jargon. It's done to confuse the potential victims, making the scam seem more credible. Some may even impersonate reputable companies, using their logos and branding. Scammers also use the 'pump and dump' strategy. They inflate the prices of stocks they own, then sell them once the prices have soared, leaving the victims with worthless investments. Another common tactic is using pyramid schemes; new investors' funds are used to pay returns to earlier investors. Investment scams can occur through various mediums. It could be via phone calls, emails, online platforms or in-person meetings. Scammers are crafty and do everything possible to appear sincere and trustworthy.


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