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Fake stores

Consumers have flagged Caitlinwilsons.shop as a dubious online store. The images on the site are not genuine, and the products showcased are of questionable authenticity, potentially posing safety risks due to the inferior materials used in their creation. The scam came to light when the website was merely 92 days into its operation. The absence of a customer service phone number on the website further raises suspicions. The content on this website lacks uniqueness, suggesting it may have been copied from similar sites. Additionally, the website is riddled with incomplete pages filled with preset content and placeholder text.

A fake store scam is an online scheme where a website pretends to sell products but in reality, it’s a trap to deceive unsuspecting customers. The items displayed are often non-existent or of poor quality, and the site may use copied images or descriptions from legitimate websites. Once a purchase is made, the scammer either doesn’t deliver the product or sends a substandard item.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No contact page
No phone numbers
No refund policy
A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme operated by con-artists. These individuals create an illusion of a legitimate online store. It displays high-quality images of popular, often pricey items at incredibly low prices. The aim is to lure you into buying these bargain deals. When you make a purchase, a few different scenarios can occur. Some scammers will send you a poor-quality version of the product, others might send you nothing at all. In both cases, they've already gotten your money, and it can be extremely hard to get it back. Another worrying aspect is your personal information. Scammers can use your credit card details and personal information for identity theft. Thes circumstances make fake store scams not just about monetary loss, but potential, long-term identity theft. The virtual nature of the internet and quick setup of websites makes these scams increasingly prevailing. Scammers often use clever tactics to make their fake stores appear legitimate, such as fake reviews and professional-looking web design.


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The website known as Sibyldick.com has been identified as perpetrating a fraudulent online store scheme. The website was fairly new at the time of discovery, having only been in operation for 55 days. A glaring red flag is the absence of a customer service phone number on the site. The content on the website is […]


Intelliwealthgroup.org potentially operates under the guise of a crypto exchange scam. Currently, the website’s age stands at 34 days. Untruthful reviews populate the site, stemming from fictitious customers. The site’s content mirrors that of other similar platforms, hinting at unoriginality. A false physical address is listed as the business location. The operating name the site […]


Kaminokotech.com, a website that recently surfaced, has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. The website’s domain was registered just 67 days ago as of this report. The absence of a customer service phone number on the site raises concerns. The content of the website lacks originality, seemingly duplicating material from similar sites. The images […]


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