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Fake stores

Buysmartllc.shop has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. The images displayed on the website are not genuine, and the products offered are not authentic. These products could potentially pose risks due to the use of inferior materials in their manufacture. The website does not provide any customer service contact number. Many of the site’s pages are incomplete, filled with generic content and placeholder text. Additionally, the company’s social media accounts have no followers.

A fake store scam is a deceptive practice where a fraudulent online store is set up to trick customers into buying non-existent or substandard products. These scams often involve the use of fake images and product descriptions, and the absence of customer service contact information.

Red Flags

Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No social media
A fake store scam usually involves fraudsters setting up a phony online store. The products they offer might look enticing. They may be priced ridiculously low, or promise benefits that are too good to be true. These scammers often create a professional-looking website. They may use fake customer reviews and product descriptions to make the site appear legitimate. They make it easy for potential victims to purchase items using credit cards or online payment systems. Once the purchase is made, there's a chance you might never receive your item. If you do, it could be substandard or completely different from what you ordered. In some cases, the scammers simply vanish, taking your money and leaving you without the promised product. The scammers could also use the payment information you provided to commit further acts of fraud. They might steal your identity, make unauthorized purchases or drain your bank account.


Mykentonstrade.com, a website that has recently surfaced, is involved in fraudulent activities. With promises of high returns, they lure people to invest money, only to vanish once the transactions are made. Although the website has no reviews outside of its own pages, it is alarming that it has no following on any social media channels. […]


Customers have raised complaints about Limithouseholdus.com, accusing it of being a fraudulent online store. This website is a new one, having been registered just 52 days prior to the filing of these reports. Interestingly, the website lacks a contact number for customer service. Doubts have been cast on the authenticity of its content, which seems […]


Lyme-prime.com has been spotted engaging in a fraudulent activity involving cryptocurrency. They lure you with promises of huge returns from your investment, but once you’ve put your money, the fraudsters disappear. None of the major review platforms contain any feedback about them. Their presence on social media platforms is non-existent. The website itself is filled […]


Benjaminrugsandfurnitures.shop is currently under suspicion for operating a fraudulent online store. The products showcased on this digital platform are deceptive and could potentially pose safety risks due to the poor-quality materials used in their creation. The images displayed on the site do not accurately depict the items for sale. A number of pages on the […]


Our investigation reveals that Luxxkitchenandbath.shop is not a legitimate business. We found several incomplete pages on the website, filled with generic content and placeholder text. The company lacks any reviews on well-known consumer review platforms, raising further suspicion. Additionally, their social media presence is virtually non-existent, with no followers to speak of. The images displayed […]

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