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Fake stores

Customers have raised concerns about Breunclother.com, alleging it’s a fraudulent online store. The website, which was only 92 days old at the time it was flagged, lacks a customer service phone number, making it difficult for customers to reach out for help or support. The products offered on this site are not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the subpar materials used in their production. The images used to represent these items do not accurately reflect the actual product. Furthermore, the content on the site is not original. Notably, there were no reviews found for this site on any major review platforms.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website poses as a legitimate online store. They offer products at attractive prices, but the items are either non-existent or counterfeit. The scammer’s goal is to trick customers into giving their credit card information or money without providing the promised goods.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
A fake store scam often appears as an online retail site. It's designed to look legitimate, with product listings and customer reviews. The prices on these sites are typically much lower than on recognised retail websites. This is one of the first signs of a scam. Scammers may use these sites to sell products that don't exist or are of poor quality. They can also use them to steal your credit card information. Another common tactic is to lure you in with a low price, then charge excessive shipping fees. They may also promise fast delivery times and excellent customer service. Many times, they'll use images and descriptions copied from legitimate retailers. These tactics can make it difficult to spot a scam. Scammers can create a fake social media presence to add to their legitimacy. They may have profiles on popular platforms and post regularly to appear active and reputable. They might use ads or sponsored content to reach a wider audience. You should be aware of these tactics when shopping online.


People have reported Xaviona.com as a fraudulent online shop. It’s a new website, with its domain name recently registered. The site doesn’t provide a customer service phone number, which is a red flag. It’s also been caught plagiarizing content, copying from other similar websites. The images shown on the site are not original, adding to […]


Consumers have raised alarms about Homekitlaufen.com, accusing it of operating a fraudulent online store. Interestingly, this deceit was exposed just within its first 59 days of operation. The website is devoid of any customer service contact number. A close look at the content on this site reveals striking similarities with other similar websites, indicating a […]


Peonitrose.com is engaging in fraudulent activities as a crypto exchange platform. The platform entices potential investors with the allure of exorbitant returns on their primary investment. However, the unfortunate truth is that these funds are siphoned off by scammers and then they disappear. This company has no presence on any social media, which raises red […]


Consumers have flagged Adorehomeliving.shop for operating a bogus online store. The goods sold on this website are not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the substandard materials used in their manufacturing process. The company doesn’t have a strong presence on social media platforms. The website contains numerous incomplete pages, filled with standard content […]


As of February 19, 2023, Trylushlashes.com has been flagged as a fake online store. Despite having a registration date of May 26, 2022, the website is still relatively new, having been active for only 268 days at the time of the first complaint. Customers attempting to contact the site via phone are greeted with an […]

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