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Crypto scams

Our team has discovered that Bnryelitesopt.com is running a deceptive cryptocurrency scheme. This website, which was only 109 days old at the time of discovery, promises substantial returns on investments. However, once you put your money in, the fraudsters disappear with it. Interestingly, there’s no customer support phone number listed on the website. The content found on this site is not original; it’s copied from other sources. The company purports to operate under a business name that isn’t registered in the state it claims to be based. Furthermore, the business address provided on the site can’t be confirmed.

A crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme that involves tricking individuals into investing in cryptocurrencies with the promise of high returns. The scammers usually disappear with the investors’ money, leaving them with significant losses. These scams often operate through unverified websites and use plagiarized content to appear legitimate.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake address
Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme involving cryptocurrencies. Scammers often promise high returns on investments with little to no risk. They use persuasive language and create a sense of urgency to convince people to invest. Scammers may use fake testimonials or celebrity endorsements to appear legitimate. They create websites with professional designs and use technical jargon to confuse potential victims. Some scammers employ tactics such as "pump and dump". This involves inflating the price of a worthless cryptocurrency, then selling off their holdings causing the price to plummet. Crypto scams can also take form of phishing attacks. Scammers send emails or text messages posing as a reputable crypto exchange or wallet provider to steal login credentials. Another common scam is the Ponzi scheme. New investments are used to pay returns to earlier investors, creating an illusion of profitability. When new investments slow down the scheme collapses.


Reports have emerged about Maticbeauty.com being a fraudulent online store. The website, which is only 49 days old, has not managed to gain any followers on social media platforms. A closer look at the site reveals several pages that are still under construction, filled with placeholder content and markers. The images displayed on the site […]


Globetrendinvest.com has been identified as a fraudulent investment operation. The website promises attractive returns on investments, but unfortunately, it’s all a ruse. Once you invest, the fraudsters abscond with the funds. Several sections of the website are still under construction, filled with default content and filler text. The partnerships they boast about on their website […]


Neighbouringpets.com has come under scrutiny for allegedly operating as a collection scam. This online marketplace is known to sell goods that are not original and could potentially be harmful due to the low-quality materials used in their production. Evidence suggests that the site may be operating out of China. The website’s content lacks originality and […]


On February 12, 2023, a ScamGuard user reported Rawwwsome.com as an online store scam. Rawwwsome.com is a newly registered domain name, with a registration date of May 27, 2022. The website’s owner is obscured by a third-party privacy service, and no customer support number is provided. Additionally, the Facebook page linked from the website leads […]


Uniquexibtrade.com is currently operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investment, but once you’ve parted with your money, they disappear. The authenticity of the website’s content is questionable, as it doesn’t match with other similar pages. There’s no customer service phone number provided on the website. The business address listed on […]

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