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Crypto scams

Blissparadoxx.com, a recently established website, has been revealed as a fraudulent cryptocurrency operation. With its existence spanning only 78 days at the time of discovery, the site was reported for indulging in deceptive practices. It was found that the reviews showcased on the website were nothing more than a farce, fabricated by non-existing individuals. Strikingly, despite being a modern-day business, it lacks a significant footprint on social media. Adding to the suspicion, the company name Blissparadoxx.com uses is not on the business register in the state it purports to be based in. Moreover, it’s intriguing to note that the website is owned and operated by a company based overseas.

In the world of digital currencies, a crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme where tricksters try to lure unsuspecting individuals into sending them cryptocurrencies under the pretense of promising high returns. Such scams often involve the use of bogus websites and fake customer reviews, with the potential to fool even the most vigilant investors.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Fake reviews
Foreign company
Recently registered

Missing Information

No social media
Crypto scams are fraudulent schemes involving cryptocurrencies. They lure victims with the promise of huge returns on investments. These scams often operate through online platforms. Scammers typically promise high profits to investors. They may claim to have a unique trading system. This system, they say, can yield massive profits with little to no risk. Victims are often told that their gains are guaranteed. This is a common tactic used by scammers to make their scheme seem credible. They will say anything to convince people to invest. Sometimes, these scams can resemble pyramid schemes. New investor money pays off earlier investors. Eventually, the scheme collapses when there aren't enough new investors. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Always do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


Consumers have raised concerns about Lennoxcryptoinvest.com, alleging it to be an investment scam. The company promises high returns on investments, but after the investment is made, the money vanishes into thin air. The partnerships that the company boasts about on its website are nothing more than a sham. Several pages on the website are incomplete, […]


The detection of a crypto exchange scam is tied to the website Mainglobals.com. Being a mere 25 days old at the time of discovery, the website lures unsuspecting investors with the promise of substantial returns. Yet, the invested money ends up in the pockets of the scammers who then vanish without a trace. The website […]


Our investigation reveals that Radialllantas.shop is functioning as a fraudulent online store. The merchandise they offer is counterfeit and potentially harmful due to the substandard materials used in their production. We’ve noticed that this website’s content mirrors that of other similar sites, casting doubt on its originality. Moreover, the images displayed on the site fail […]


Cherishtop.com is a website that’s been flagged as a fraudulent online store. It’s relatively new, having been launched just 54 days ago according to our records. One red flag is the absence of a customer service phone number, which is a common feature of legitimate businesses. The content on the site seems to be unoriginal, […]


Tradeprohub.com, a relatively new website at 78 days old, has been identified as a fraudulent crypto exchange platform. The site promises substantial returns on investments, luring potential victims into a trap. Unfortunately, once the investment is made, the perpetrators vanish, making off with the victim’s money. Despite the glowing reviews on the site itself, none […]

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