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Fake stores

Blackmancruz.shop has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. The pictures displayed on the site are not genuine. The website’s content has been found to be plagiarized, mimicking other similar sites. The items showcased on the site are not real and could potentially be harmful due to the substandard materials used in their creation. There are numerous pages on the site that are still under construction, filled with placeholder content and markers. The site lacks a social media presence, with no followers to speak of. There’s no customer support phone number provided on the website.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a bogus online store is created to deceive customers. These stores often use counterfeit images and plagiarized content to appear legitimate. They may showcase non-existent or low-quality products, lack a social media presence, and fail to provide customer support contact information.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No contact page
No phone numbers
No refund policy
No social media
A fake store scam is a deceptive scheme run by fraudsters. It occurs when a scammer sets up an online store pretending to sell items at unbeatable prices. The websites for these stores often look sophisticated. They may display high-quality images of products. These products usually come with incredibly low price tags. This is a strategy to attract unsuspecting customers. The scammer's main aim is to collect the shopper's credit card information. They also attempt to gather personal data for future scams. You may see promises of free shipping worldwide or no taxes. These are red herrings to further lure victims into the trap. Purchased products from these fake stores either never arrive or are far inferior to what was promised. Even after paying, the customers are left empty-handed. These scams are a rising concern due to increasing online shopping trends. Not everyone may spot the signs of a fake online store, which is why its crucial to always investigate before making a purchase.


Alphatradegold.online is operating an investment scam. You won’t find a single follower on their social media platforms. Placeholder notes and unaltered content fill the underdeveloped pages of their website. The online partnerships they boast about are nothing more than lies. An investment scam is a fraudulent practice that involves the illegal sale or purported sale […]


A false storefront scheme is currently being operated by Oliverjewelleryus.shop. This website offers a wide variety of goods that may appear tempting, but it’s important to know they could be potentially harmful because they are made from substandard raw materials. It’s notable that the site had been active for just 29 days when its fraudulent […]


People have reported Empablockmarket.live for swindling investors. The company promises substantial returns, but once the investment is made, the fraudsters disappear, pocketing the funds. A clear absence of the company is evident on renowned consumer review platforms. Social media platforms also show no trace of the company’s presence. Several incomplete pages, filled with commonplace content […]


Securedstockmarket.com has come under scrutiny for its dubious investment practices. The company promises significant growth on investments, but after individuals invest their hard-earned money, the company’s operators vanish with the funds. Notably, an online search for reviews of the company comes up empty, raising more red flags. Interestingly, the company does not maintain any social […]


Shoptroutsflyfishing.shop, a newly established website, is facing allegations of being a fraudulent online store. The website, barely a month old, lacks any customer service contact information, raising suspicion among consumers. The content displayed on the website lacks originality, resembling material from similar websites. The images presented on the site fail to accurately represent the items […]

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