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Investment scams

Bittrex-profits.com has been flagged as a potential investment scam. The website paints a rosy picture of high returns on your investments, but in reality, once you put your money in, the people behind the scam take off with your hard-earned cash. The company seems to have no presence on social media platforms. Many pages on its website are incomplete, filled with just standard text and placeholders. The partnerships that the company proudly presents on its website are nothing more than fabrications. Even the pictures displayed on the site are not genuine. The website itself is new, with the domain name being merely a month old at the time of this report was compiled,

An investment scam is a scheme where fraudsters trick investors into putting money into false or non-existent investment opportunities, often promising high returns. The scammers pocket the money and disappear, leaving the investors with significant losses.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Default content
Fake address
Fake business name
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Fake promises
Fake reviews
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme to trick people out of their money. Scammers often promise high returns and low risks to attract victims. These scams can take many forms, like Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. In a Ponzi scheme, the scammer pays returns to earlier investors with money from more recent investors. This can make it look like the investment is profitable. But in reality, the scammer is just shuffling money around. A pyramid scheme is another type of investment scam. In this scam, each participant recruits others to invest money. The recruiter then takes a portion of those investments. This continues until there are no more people to recruit and the scheme collapses. Victims of investment scams often lose all the money they invested. It's important to be wary of investments that seem too good to be true. Always do your research before investing.


Wealth-assets.online is operating a fraudulent investment operation. The site promises substantial returns on your investment, but upon sending your funds, the swindlers abscond with it. Several incomplete pages on the site are filled with generic content and placeholder text. The company is nowhere to be found on social media. Prominent consumer review platforms also lack […]


Customers have flagged Focousa.shop as a deceptive online store. The website, which was created 32 days ago at the time of this report, appears to be involved in fraudulent activities. Notably, the website lacks a customer support phone number. The content of the site also raises suspicions, as it seems to mimic material from other […]


On February 10, 2023, ScamGuard received a report that Deluxeloyaltyprogram.com could be involved in unethical or fraudulent activities. The website’s ownership is concealed by a third-party privacy service and there is no physical address provided. The actual location of the business is unclear. Evidence suggests that the website was hastily put together as it contains […]


Consumers have reported Capitalreform.ltd for executing an investment fraud. They promise you generous returns on your investment. However, once you transfer the funds, the fraudsters vanish with your money. A number of their website pages are in the preliminary stages, filled with generic content and stand-in entries. The firm lacks a strong presence on social […]


Edgysportwear.com, a virtual store, has unfortunately been flagged as a scam. It exhibits counterfeit products that could potentially pose a safety threat, owing to the subpar materials used in their creation. Doubts are cast over the genuineness of the website’s content, as it seems to be a mere replica of multiple similar websites. The photographs […]

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