3 months ago
Crypto scams

On February 20, 2023, a user on ScamGuard reported Bilionhash.com as a cryptocurrency scam. Bilionhash.com is a recently registered domain name, with its registration date being January 18, 2023.

The ownership of the website is concealed by a third-party privacy service, and no customer support number or physical address is provided.

Despite our efforts, we could not locate any terms and conditions, privacy policies, or disclaimers on the Bilionhash.com website. Complaints about the site were filed within just 20 days of its launch.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Fake reviews

Reasonable alternatives

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No contact page
No disclaimers
No phone numbers
No privacy policy
No refund policy
No reviews
No social media
No terms & conditions
Cryptocurrency scams, where websites promise cheap cloud mining hash power and high returns, are all too familiar to many who are looking to invest in mining cryptocurrencies. Being an industry relatively new with limited access to resources, these websites attempt to target unsuspecting individuals with alluring packages at low costs. The victims are typically promised mining operations with high profits in a brief span of time. However, once they pay, they are left to face the harsh reality that they have no access to the promised hash power and can’t recover the payment. Unfortunately, the majority of these malicious operations accept cryptocurrency payments which contrastingly, aren’t reversible. Additionally, the people operating these scams typically use fake or anonymous accounts, making it difficult to identify them. The end result is that these scams not only cost victims financially, but can cause much distress as well.

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