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Fake stores

Bestsellers-furniture.com, a seemingly legitimate furniture selling website, appears to be a hoax. In a span of just 63 days since its creation, the website has raised many red flags. It doesn’t provide any contact number for addressing customer queries or concerns. The content appearing on the site is not original, it’s copied from other sources. In addition, the range of products displayed on the site is suspect, potentially posing a risk due to the substandard materials employed in their making. The physical location mentioned on the site for the business is not genuine. Moreover, the company’s social media accounts are devoid of any followers.

These scams involve the creation of a phony online store selling goods that don’t exist. They entice customers with attractive prices, then fail to deliver any product after receiving payment. The site disappears soon after, leaving customers out of pocket and without any recourse.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake address
Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business name
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a type of con designed to trick individuals into revealing their sensitive information. Scammers set up fake online stores, offering products at unusually low prices. These fraudulent websites often look professional; even mimic real stores. Once a customer places an order, they're asked to provide personal details such as credit card information. In essence, a fake store scam is not about selling goods. It's a data harvesting operation. Scammers collect your personal details and credit card information, often resulting in identity theft or unauthorized transactions. The charm lies in the offer of extremely low prices or limited-time deals. This urgency and the illusion of a bargain is a tactic used by scammers. Remember: the danger lies in not receiving the product. The real risk is the potential for personal and financial information to be compromised.


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