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Fake stores

Beddingprom.com, an online platform, is currently involved in a dubious activity known as a fake store scam. The website, which is just 82 days old at the time of this report, appears to be operating out of China. It offers a range of items for sale, but these are not genuine products. Instead, they are cheap imitations, potentially made from low-quality materials that could pose a risk to users. Furthermore, the images displayed on the website do not accurately represent the items being sold. Adding to the suspicion, the company has no visible presence on any social media platforms.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website poses as a legitimate online store. They display products that are often imitations or non-existent, and once a purchase is made, the buyer either receives a counterfeit item or nothing at all.

Red Flags

Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No social media
A fake store scam involves scammers setting up a bogus online store. They often use sophisticated website designs, mimicking the look of reputable retailers. This trickery aims to deceive consumers into thinking they are buying from a trusted brand. Commonly, these fake stores will offer popular products at incredibly low prices. This tactic is employed to lure in unsuspecting buyers. To further the illusion, they might use fake reviews and testimonials, building a false sense of trust and credibility. Scammers usually ask for payments through untraceable methods, such as wire transfers, prepaid cards, or cryptocurrencies. Once the payment is made, they either send a counterfeit product or nothing at all. The victim is left with no way of getting their money back. In some cases, the scam may not just be about stealing money. But, also personal information for identity theft. These scammers obtain sensitive details under the guise of account creation or payment processes.


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