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Fake stores

Bathvault.shop is operating a deceptive retail scheme. A thorough examination of the website’s data reveals copied content from other similar websites, indicating a lack of uniqueness. The items displayed on this website are not genuine and could pose a risk due to the poor quality materials used in their creation. The pictures featured on the site are not authentic. There is no customer service contact number provided on the website. The company’s social media accounts have no followers.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website pretends to be a legitimate online store. These sites often display copied content and fake products, and lack customer service contacts. They typically have no social media following and use poor quality materials in their product images.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a deceptive practice where fraudsters create fictitious online storefronts. They design these sites convincingly, mimicking legitimate businesses to deceive you into believing it's a trustworthy place. These scammers lure customers with too-good-to-be-true offers. You may see high-demand goods at unbelievably low prices. Electronics, designer goods, and even pets can be on these lists. Scammers use sophisticated tactics to gain your trust. They might have customer reviews, detailed product descriptions, and professional-looking images. They might even have a secure checkout process. However, once you make a purchase, they disappear. Often, you’ll receive nothing in return for your payment. In some cases, you might receive a counterfeit, inferior, or completely different item. Such scams thrive on the anonymity the internet provides. Scammers are adept at creating and disappearing with these fake stores overnight.


A user reported Arietia.com as a fake online store on February 23, 2022. The website is a newly registered domain name with a registration date of February 14, 2023, and was only 9 days old at the time of the complaint. Although the website claims to be owned by Gajoa Trading Corp, a New York […]


Renuktech.com, a newly established website, has received numerous complaints from consumers who have fallen victim to its investment scheme. Apparently, the enticing promise of high returns on investments is nothing but a trap. Once an individual invests, the fraudsters behind the site pocket the money and disappear. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t have any social media […]


Customers have reported Anytimesportssupply.shop for operating a fraudulent online store. The images displayed on the site don’t accurately represent the products for sale. The website is filled with incomplete pages that still contain default content and filler text. Major review platforms don’t have any feedback about this site. The site lacks a customer service phone […]


The website Extensive-global.ltd has been flagged for running investment fraud. Its absence on any social media platforms raises suspicion. The operators of the site allure potential investors with the promise of high returns, but once the funds are invested, they abscond with the money leaving the investors high and dry. The site is riddled with […]


Customers have raised concerns about Idealtradefx.com, alleging it to be an investment scam. The company promises significant growth on your investment. However, after you invest, the money seems to vanish, with the alleged scammers disappearing as well. The website lacks a customer service phone number, making it difficult to reach out for any queries or […]

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