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Crypto scams

Reports label Alphaprimelink.com as a deceptive crypto exchange platform. The website’s registration occurred recently, with the domain name only stretching back 26 days from the date of this report. Promises of significant financial gains tempt potential investors, but the reality is a cruel one, where fraudsters abscond with the invested money. A notable absence on the website is a customer support phone number. Reviews littering the site do not originate from real individuals. The company lays claim to legal establishment in a certain state, but this claim lacks truth. Overseas entities or individuals have ownership and operations of the site in their hands. The company’s social media accounts remain devoid of followers.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent operation where malicious entities create a platform mimicking a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. They lure unsuspecting individuals with promises of high returns from their investments. In reality, these fraudsters take the invested money and disappear, leaving the individuals at a loss.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Fake reviews
Foreign company
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No social media
A crypto exchange scam is a deceptive operation where fraudsters trick investors into depositing their cryptocurrencies. They promise high returns or unique investment opportunities. But instead, they take the investors' crypto and disappear. These scams often appear legitimate. They have professional-looking websites and customer service. However, they lack the security measures and transparency of genuine crypto exchanges. One common trick is the "pump and dump" scheme. Here, scammers inflate the price of a low-value cryptocurrency to attract investors. Once the price is high enough, they sell off their shares, leading to a price crash. Investors who bought in at the inflated price lose their money. Avoid these scams by doing thorough research. Check for reviews and verify the exchange's registration details. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Our investigation reveals that Shopmodernfurniture.shop is not a legitimate store. The products it offers are not genuine and could pose risks due to the poor quality materials used in their manufacture. The pictures displayed on the website do not accurately depict the items for sale. The content on the site is not unique, and at […]


Authorities have identified Westernfinancefx.com as the source of an investment scam. Despite the lack of reviews on well-known consumer review sites, the company managed to attract unsuspecting victims. Its absence on social media platforms should have been a red flag. The scammers promise huge returns on your investment. However, once the money is invested, they […]


Adriantrinty.com, a relatively new website, is currently engaging in a dubious operation known as a fake store scam. This site, which is only 56 days old at the time of writing, lacks key information such as a contact phone number for customer service. The website’s content, far from being unique or original, appears to be […]


The website Hunterfanusa.shop is suspected to be running a bogus retail operation. It’s a relatively new site, having only been in operation for 28 days when its questionable practices were first identified. Oddly, the website does not provide any phone number for customers to reach out to them. It displays a conspicuous lack of original […]


Dicestradex.live, a recently launched website, is involved in a deceptive cryptocurrency exchange scheme. Promising substantial returns on investments, the site lures unsuspecting investors into parting with their money, only for the fraudsters to disappear with the funds. Despite extensive searches, no reviews of this website could be found on any major review platforms. Adding to […]

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