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Investment scams

Alliance-bn.org, currently, operates a scheme that misleads people into investing their money. Despite a thorough search, the company’s name doesn’t appear on any of the main consumer review websites. The website itself raises more questions, with many partially completed pages filled with generic content and placeholder text. Alarmingly, the website does not offer a customer service contact number. Further investigation reveals another red flag – the address listed on the website does not correspond to any recognised business location.

An investment scam is a deceptive operation where the scammer convinces people to invest money with promises of high returns. The scammer typically disappears with the money, leaving the investors with no way to recover their losses.

Red Flags

Fake address
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
An investment scam is a deceptive practice that lures individuals into investing money with promises of high returns and zero risk. The scam artists try to trick people into these fraudulent schemes using different strategies. Often, they'll offer 'exclusive' opportunities, claiming limited availability. This creates a sense of urgency, making people rush into decisions without proper research. Additionally, scams are sometimes presented as 'insider info', giving the illusion of a unique advantage. They typically operate as Ponzi or pyramid schemes, where money from new investors is used to pay previous ones. This creates an illusion of a profitable investment, which draws in more victims. However, these schemes are unsustainable and eventually collapse, leaving investors with significant financial losses. The lack of transparency in such scams is a major red flag. Scammers usually avoid providing detailed information about the investment and tend to evade questions. Lastly, they're often not registered with a regulatory agency, which is a requirement for legitimate investment firms.


Bacopoint.com is running a deceptive operation involving cryptocurrency. They promise alluring returns on your initial investment. However, once you hand over your money, the fraudsters abscond with it. The website was only 78 days old when this fraudulent activity was discovered. They purport to operate under a business name which is not officially registered with […]


Lucrofinance.com is engaged in a fraudulent investment scheme. They entice potential investors with promises of high returns, but once the investment is made, the fraudsters abscond with the funds. The company lacks any form of social media presence, further raising suspicion. The authenticity of the website’s content is questionable, as it does not match any […]


Our attention is drawn to Gain-vest.com, functioning as a fraudulent investment scheme. With enticing promises of substantial returns, they lure in investors only for them to lose their money as the fraudsters abscond afterwards. A closer look at their website reveals a lack of originality, with its content closely resembling that of other similar sites. […]


Raufurniture.shop is a website that we’ve identified as a fraudulent online store. It’s missing any form of social media presence, which is unusual for legitimate businesses in today’s digital age. The images displayed on the site don’t accurately represent the products they’re selling. We’ve also found numerous pages that are incomplete, filled with generic content […]


Bakersauthoritys.shop, a website that’s been operational for a mere 29 days, has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons. On the surface, it seems to sell baking goods, but a closer examination reveals a myriad of red flags indicating it’s a scam. A conspicuous absence of a customer support phone number is one such warning […]

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