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Investment scams

10xoptionglobal.com has been identified as an investment scam operation. This company makes lofty promises of rapidly increasing your funds. However, upon investing, it becomes apparent that they are merely scam artists who disappear with your money. The customer service numbers provided on their website are currently non-functional. Further investigation reveals that the business address listed on their website is unverifiable. There are numerous unfinished pages on the site, filled with placeholder text and default content. The business moniker they claim to operate under is not officially registered in the state they supposedly reside in. In addition, the website does not feature an official business name, and the company is notably absent from social media.

An investment scam is a deceptive scheme where fraudsters pose as legitimate investment firms or brokers to trick individuals into handing over their money. The scammer usually promises high returns with little or no risk, but once the victim invests, they either lose their money or cannot withdraw their funds.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake business name
Phone disconnected
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business name
No social media
No SSL certificate
No terms & conditions
Investment scams often appear as exciting opportunities promising high returns. Typically, these scams guarantee profit and low risk. A scammer may act as a broker or dealer, promoting investments which seem too good to be true, in sectors such as gold, real estate or cryptocurrencies. Lots of times, scammers use persuasive tactics to make their scheme appear legitimate. They might present fake business plans or financial reports. Some scams operate as pyramid schemes, requiring investors to recruit others in order to receive payouts. Online, they use sophisticated websites and customer testimonials to gain trust. Remember, if an investment seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don't let the promise of high returns cloud your judgement.


Cryptoprotraders.net has been identified as a fraudulent investment operation. They lure investors with the promise of quick financial growth, but once the investment is made, the scammers abscond with the money. There is a conspicuous absence of reviews on all major review platforms. Their social media presence is non-existent, with zero followers across platforms. Upon […]


Our investigation has revealed that Empireglobalwealth.site is not what it seems. Posing as a profitable investment opportunity, it promises excellent returns. However, once you put your money in, the people behind the scheme seem to vanish, taking your hard-earned cash with them. It’s interesting to note that the company lacks any reviews on well-known consumer […]


Kandorcapitalinvestments.com is involved in a shady practice known as investment fraud. They lure investors in with the promise of high returns, only to disappear with the money soon after. Their business address, as listed on their website, is decidedly inaccurate. A glaring omission is the lack of a customer service phone number on their site, […]


Traderchoiceltd.com is operating an investment scheme that isn’t quite what it seems. They entice potential investors with promises of substantial returns, but once the money is handed over, the fraudsters vanish without a trace. The company’s online footprint, particularly on social media platforms, is virtually invisible, raising further suspicions. Additionally, the website uses generic stock […]


The website, Biketoolshop.com, may be perpetuating a fraudulent scheme. Its content raises questions of credibility as it doesn’t echo similar pages. Goods advertised on this online platform are likely counterfeit and could be hazardous due to the substandard materials used for production. The visuals displayed on this site do not genuinely represent the items available. […]

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